Congressional Sportsmen's Caucus Member: Representative Mia Love

Congresswoman Mia Love

Joined Caucus:
113th Congress




Congresswoman Mia Love is serving her first term in the House of Representatives.  She is a proud member of the Congressional Sportsmen’s Caucus, and is a staunch supporter of 2nd Amendment Rights.

Rep. Love was born in Brooklyn, New York and grew up Connecticut.  Her parents, Haitian immigrants, often worked multiple jobs to support their family.

After college, Congresswoman Love married her husband Jason and moved to Utah.  She served two terms on the city council of Saratoga Springs, one of Utah’s fastest growing cities. As City Councilwoman and eventually Mayor, she led the city through period of tremendous growth.  

The Loves have three children, and  enjoy the recreational freedom that Utah has to offer.  She and her husband are avid target shooters. Congresswoman Love is a concealed-carry permit holder, and will always defend a person’s right to keep and bear arms.

Congresswoman Love is best known for her conservative positions on limited government, increased citizen liberties and limited restraints on business.  She is serving on the Financial Services committee, as well as on the Monetary Policy and Trade and Financial Institutions and Consumer Credit subcommittees.   She was chosen to serve on the House Select Investigative Committee on Infant lives.


Bills Congresswoman Love has co-sponsored include:

HR 986 Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act

HR 4319 Second Amendment Defense Act

 HR 3799 Hearing Protection Act

Letters signed re:

ATF and armor piercing bullets

UN treaty letter about 2nd amendment rights

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