Congressional Sportsmen's Caucus Member: Representative Glenn Grothman

Representative Glenn Grothman

Joined Caucus:
114th Congress




Congressman Glenn Grothman from Wisconsin understands the importance of the Congressional Sportsmen’s Caucus and joined as a member when he was elected as a freshman to the 114th Congress.

Wisconsin is known for its musky fishing, and abundant waterfowl and deer hunting opportunities, and Congressman Grothman will work hard to ensure that Wisconsin’s rich heritage of sportsman’s activities will be protected.

During his time at the Wisconsin State Legislature, Congressman Grothman supported a number of bills that ensured Wisconsin sportsmen could enjoy the outdoors. As a state Senator, Congressman Grothman sponsored and worked to pass a bill that expanded provisions for sport shooting ranges and co-sponsored a bill that would allow Class A bear licenses to be transferred to someone who has been awarded a Purple Heart or is currently serving on active duty.

“The great outdoors offers an array of sporting activities that we have the privilege to enjoy. Wisconsin in particular has a rich tradition of proud sportsmen. As a member of the Congressional Sportsmen’s Caucus for the 114th Congress, I will protect the rights of all sportsmen and support the great heritage that many pass down to their children and grandchildren.”

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