Senator Jim Risch

Senator Jim Risch (ID)

Joined Caucus:




What Committees or Caucuses have you been affiliated with in office that support the sportsmen’s community and fish and wildlife conservation?

Committee on Energy and Natural Resources, Congressional Sportsmen's Caucus, Senate Outdoor Recreation Caucus , Senate Western Caucus.

What is your top policy priority for the sportsmen and women in your state?

Mentoring, introducing, and encouraging youth to start and continue to participate in these pursuits. 

What is your most memorable outdoor (hunting, fishing, recreational shooting, or trapping) experience?

I have many - always with my children and grandchildren.

What is your favorite fish or game to pursue?


What hunting, fishing, shooting, trapping or other related organizations are you a member of?

Ducks Unlimited, Trout Unlimited, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Pleasant Valley Gun Club, and other shooting clubs.

What do you consider the biggest obstacle to recruiting new participants to hunting, angling, recreational shooting and trapping?


Have you received any awards or acknowledgements for your work on behalf of sportsmen and women?

Teaming for Wildlife.

Do you have other insights or thoughts that you would like to share about your state’s rich outdoor heritage?

There's no better place than Idaho for outdoor sports! 

Senator Jim Risch (ID)

Sen. Risch elk hunting

Senator Jim Risch (ID)

CSC Co-Chairs Sen. Manchin and Sen. Risch at the Congressional Shoot-Out

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Recently, Virginia has proposed legislation that would make the punishment for poaching, in their state, a 1-5 year prison sentence through HB-449. Poaching undermines the social acceptance of hunters, jobs, recreation, local and state economies, and conservation efforts. How should poachers be punished?

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