Maine S 555

Intro Date: May 03, 2017


This bill makes several changes to the State's fish and wildlife enforcement laws. The bill: 1. Makes it legal for a person to use wireless, digital imaging technology as a means to comply with a trap tending requirement; 2. Makes it clear that hunting with thermal imaging equipment is illegal; 3. Creates a $20 penalty for each quart over the 2-quart limit on smelts; 4. Amends terminology in the law governing apprentice hunter license restrictions; 5. Makes it illegal to fraudulently obtain registrations in addition to licenses and permits that are provided by the department; 6. Makes failing to stop for a law enforcement officer while operating a snowmobile or watercraft a Class D crime consistent with the provision applying to all-terrain vehicles; 7. Makes the airbow a legal hunting implement when used within certain parameters. It defines "airbow," "crossbow" and "hand-held bow"; 8. Specifies that, in addition to a firearm, a person convicted of a domestic violence offense may not own, possess or have under that person's control a crossbow or muzzleloader or archery equipment; 9. Requires all edible meat from bear, deer or moose to be presented for registration along with evidence of gender. It allows these animals to be dismembered for ease of transportation; 10. Strengthens language within the prohibition of abuse of another person's property by removing reference to certain stated activities such as hunting, fishing or trapping to allow the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife to enforce the law against persons who abuse another person's property but who may not be involved in an activity such as hunting, fishing or trapping; 11. Sets August 1st as the beginning date for bear baiting season; and 12. It replaces the requirement that a boat operator have a license from the department to carry passengers for hire with a requirement that the operator successfully complete a boating safety course provided by a national association of boating law administrators approved by the commissioner.

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Senator Scott Cyrway, Member, Maine Legislative Sportsmen’s Caucus

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