Poll Question

What do you support as a means to either complement or enhance the funding state fish and wildlife agencies receive through the American System of Conservation Funding? (To learn more about the options below, visit CSF's issue briefs)

  • Increase the price of hunting and fishing licenses, tags, permits or stamps (15.25%)
  • Create new species-specific stamps (e.g. trout stamp) (3.39%)
  • Implement a conservation stamp for non-consumptive users (e.g. hikers, bikers, birdwatchers, etc.) that use state-owned lands (28.81%)
  • Adopt a Conservation Sales Tax at the state level on all taxable goods, with the funds allocated for conservation projects (13.56%)
  • Adopt a Dedicated Sales Tax on Outdoor Goods (a state-level tax on outdoor goods similar to the Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration Programs) (18.64%)
  • The creation of non-profit organization dedicated to raising funds for state wildlife agencies (20.34%)
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