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Recently, Virginia has proposed legislation that would make the punishment for poaching, in their state, a 1-5 year prison sentence through HB-449. Poaching undermines the social acceptance of hunters, jobs, recreation, local and state economies, and conservation efforts. How should poachers be punished?

  • By sentencing them to jail time. (36.54%)
  • By giving them a cash fine. (13.46%)
  • By banning their hunting and fishing privileges and their ability to buy the necessary licenses. (15.38%)
  • By putting them on a probation period. (0.96%)
  • There should be some discretion in the penalties depending on the motivations for the poaching incident. (33.65%)

A key component of the American System of Conservation Funding, the Pittman- Robertson Act directs excise taxes on firearms, ammo, and archery equipment to wildlife conservation. Since its inception in 1937 the Act has generated more than $12 billion towards conservation. However, there has been a loss of 5 million hunters in the past decade. One proposed solution to help fund conservation is to dedicate lottery proceeds for conservation purposes. Would you support this effort in your state?

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