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In 20 states it is illegal to salvage wild road killed game meat. Annually tens of thousands of pounds of game meat from animals killed by vehicle accidents is not salvaged and therefore wasted. Should people be allowed to salvage road kill to feed themselves and/or others?

  • No. (4.65%)
  • Yes, everyone should be allowed to salvage roadkill. (65.12%)
  • Yes, but only the person who hit the live animal should be allowed to salvage it. (13.95%)
  • Yes, but the state department that deals with fish and game should be the ones that decide who gets to salvage the road kill. (16.28%)

A key component of the American System of Conservation Funding, the Pittman- Robertson Act directs excise taxes on firearms, ammo, and archery equipment to wildlife conservation. Since its inception in 1937 the Act has generated more than $12 billion towards conservation. However, there has been a loss of 5 million hunters in the past decade. One proposed solution to help fund conservation is to dedicate lottery proceeds for conservation purposes. Would you support this effort in your state?

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