Senator Brian Jones

Senator Brian Jones

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Senator Jones is a sportsman, avid adventure motorcyclist and mountain biker. He is a member of the Senate Committee on Natural Resources, Senate Budget Committee Sub 2, Assembly Water Parks and Wildlife, Assembly Budget Committee, Santee City Council, Goodman Ranch Policy Committee, Mission Trails Regional Park Task Force, and the San Diego River Conservancy.

What is your top policy priority for the sportsmen and women in your state?

Protecting second amendment rights, as well as science and research based conservation.

What is your most memorable outdoor (hunting, fishing, recreational shooting, or trapping) experience?

  1. Fly fishing on the Colorado River with my brother
  2. Upland bird/game hunting – Tejon Ranch

What hunting, fishing, shooting, trapping or other related organizations are you a member of?

NRA, CRPA, SD County Gun Owners, Lemon Grove Rod and Gun Club, San Diego Mountain Bike Association, and BMW Owners Group (MOA). 

What do you consider the biggest obstacle to recruiting new participants to hunting, angling, recreational shooting and trapping? 

Fear of regulations.

Have you received any awards or acknowledgements for your work on behalf of sportsmen and women? 

Outstanding Legislator for 2016 by the California Rifle & Pistol Association

Do you have other insights or thoughts that you would like to share about your state’s rich outdoor heritage? 

I would like to expand access and promote opportunities to those that have not yet enjoyed the outdoors.

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The west and northeast have seen an increase of firearm and ammunition purchase restrictions that can frustrate hunters and recreational shooters access to tools necessary for their respective activities. How do you receive information to stay on top of legislative and regulatory changes to firearms and ammunition purchases?

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