Senator Gary Cammack

Senator Gary Cammack

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South Dakota



Senator Gary Cammack was first elected in 2012 to serve the 29th District in the South Dakota State House of Representatives. In 2014, he was elected to the South Dakota State Senate. In 2015, he joined the South Dakota Legislative Sportsmen’s Caucus as Caucus Co-Chair to promote a pro-sportsmen’s legislation at the State Capitol in Pierre.

As a current ranch owner, Senator Cammack understands the role that sportsmen and women play in wildlife management and conservation issues. His knowledge of South Dakota’s rich outdoor sporting heritage and his passion for the outdoors provides him with the insight to be a strong voice for the sportsmen’s community in the state legislature.

In 2014, Senator Cammack co-sponsored HB 1185, a bill which expanded waterfowl hunting opportunities for nonresidents. The nonresident waterfowl license allows for up to ten consecutive days of migratory waterfowl hunting, and $4 from the sale of each license is allocated to the state’s land acquisition and development fund. The newly created nonresident waterfowl license has the potential to increase and encourage hunter recruitment, retention and participation rates.

As Chairman of the Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee, Senator Cammack recognizes the important role that the state’s sportsmen and women play in driving the state’s economy. South Dakota’s 430,000 hunters and anglers annually contribute more than $1.04 billion to the state’s economy and support over 14,750 jobs. 

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Much of the non-hunting public have little to no understanding of the contributions that sportsmen and women play in funding conservation nationwide. Approximately, how often do you find yourself engaging with an individual with the intent of educating them to the role that sportsmen and women play in conservation?

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