New Jersey: Becomes 47th Member of the Interstate Wildlife Violators Compact

On December 1, New Jersey became the 47th state to join the Interstate Wildlife Violator Compact. The idea of this Compact was first advanced in the early 1980s by member states in the west and has since spread across the nation to now include every state except Delaware, Massachusetts, and Hawaii.

This Compact will aid New Jersey in the ongoing efforts to conserve wildlife, enforce wildlife laws, and deter wildlife violations from being committed. Any person whose license privileges are suspended or revoked in a Compact state will be ineligible to purchase a license in any of the other states participating in this agreement.

New Jersey’s involvement in the Compact was made possible earlier this year when the Governor signed authorizing legislation (A 2763) into law on January 9. The Senate companion bill (S 1933) was sponsored by New Jersey Angling and Hunting Conservation Caucus Co-Chair Senator Sweeney, and the measure had the full support of the Caucus, achieving unanimous votes in favor during every step of the legislative process.

The Division of Fish and Wildlife Director Larry Herrighty stated, “Joining the Compact protects New Jersey’s wildlife resources and that of member states by deterring violators from continuing their illegal activities and sends a clear message to all that such behavior will not be tolerated.” 

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