North Dakota: Sportsmen’s Caucus Co-Chair Presented MAFWA President’s Award

By Joel Hodgdon, Central Midwestern States Coordinator

During this year’s annual Midwest Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies (MAFWA) Directors’ meeting, North Dakota Legislative Sportsmen’s Caucus Co-Chair Representative Todd Porter was honored with the 2018 MAFWA President’s Award.

The award was presented to Rep. Porter by North Dakota Game and Fish Department Director Terry Steinwand, who is also MAFWA’s current President.

“It is hard to think of a more deserving individual to receive this award than Representative Porter,” said Director Steinwand. “His leadership on conservation issues in the legislature is unsurpassed. I’d also thank the Representative for his leadership of the North Dakota Legislative Sportsmen’s Caucus.”

For over 20 years, MAFWA Presidents have given this award to those who have gone above and beyond to help state fish and wildlife agencies with conservation issues. The President’s Award is awarded annually during the MAFWA Director’s meeting.

“I am humbled to receive this recognition,” said Rep. Porter. “It is always a pleasure to work with the professionals at the North Dakota Game and Fish Department. My contributions to conservation wouldn’t be possible without the Department’s dedication to our state’s beautiful and plentiful natural resources.” 

Photo: Rep. Porter recieves award from North Dakota Game and Fish Department Director Steinwand. Credit: Craig Bihrle (North Dakota Game and Fish Department)

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