Northeast: No Better Time to Buy Your Licenses

Contact: Joe Mullin, New England States Senior Coordinator

Amidst our nation’s current battle with COVID-19, a number of sportsmen and women find themselves working from home and setting social distancing limits. Many individuals are itching to get outdoors, awaiting the weekend or any other opportunity to trade the computer screen for a fishing rod or firearm. While social gatherings are currently discouraged, typically solitary activities such as hunting and fishing appear to be more than appropriate.  

During this time, each state fish and wildlife department within the New England and the Mid-Atlantic regions remain hard at work, and while many of their offices may not be open to the public, rest assured they’re continuing to dedicate their efforts towards upholding their conservation missions. Now is as good of a time as ever to purchase a hunting and/or fishing license and get outdoors. Check out your state below for instructions on how to obtain a license:




District of Columbia




New Hampshire

New Jersey

New York

Pennsylvania (Fishing LicenseHunting License)

Rhode Island


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Recently, Virginia has proposed legislation that would make the punishment for poaching, in their state, a 1-5 year prison sentence through HB-449. Poaching undermines the social acceptance of hunters, jobs, recreation, local and state economies, and conservation efforts. How should poachers be punished?

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