Ohio: Knife Ban Repeal Legislation Discussed in Committee

Contact: John Culclasure, Central Appalachian States Manager

On November 21, the House Criminal Justice Committee discussed knife ban repeal legislation (Senate Bill 140). The bill previously passed the Senate with strong bipartisan support (32-1) on June 27.

Originally sponsored by former Ohio Legislative Sportsmen’s Caucus Co-Chair Senator Joe Uecker, SB 140 would repeal the prohibition against carrying a concealed knife as a concealed deadly weapon if the knife is not used as a weapon. Additionally, the legislation would eliminate the prohibition against the manufacture or sale of certain types of knives, many of which are legal to possess in the state.

The Committee heard proponent testimony from a number of witnesses, and the Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation (CSF) submitted a letter supporting the legislation. 

CSF’s letter stated, “Knives are an essential tool for responsible hunting and fishing, and we strongly support repealing the knife ban to allow hunters and anglers to carry knives necessary for pursuing their pastimes. The legislation would remove an unwarranted bar against the carry of a legitimate tool and facilitate increased economic output and conservation funding for Ohio.”

Knife bans restrict sportsmen and women from carrying and using knives that are essential to hunting and fishing.

The legislation awaits further action in the House Criminal Justice Committee.

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