Congressional Sportsmen's Caucus Member: Senator Mike Enzi

Senator Mike Enzi

Joined Caucus:
105th Congress




As an avid angler and longtime hunter, U.S. Senator Mike Enzi has been one of the strongest advocates for sportsmen in the United States Senate. As a current member, and a former Co-Chair of the Congressional Sportsmen’s Caucus, Sen. Enzi has worked hard to ensure that future generations of sportsmen and women can experience the same pleasures that he and many others enjoy in the great outdoors. Enzi has enjoyed countless hours in the vast Wyoming backcountry. Growing up in Wyoming, he use to venture into the Big Horns Mountain with his Grampa, hunting and angling – taking in everything the great outdoors has to offer.

“As every person who has lived in Wyoming knows and every one of the countless visitors to our state has learned, Wyoming is home to a wealth of scenic beauty and natural treasures that just can’t be found anywhere else,” Enzi said. “And I believe we must preserve our nation’s sporting heritage and I believe hunters and anglers should have access to our federal lands.”

Many of Wyoming's residents are avid hunters and even those hunters who live in cities are within a short distance to public lands. People from across the country travel to Wyoming each fall to experience the thrill of hunting Wyoming's big game species. Popular game include mule deer, white-tailed deer, elk, moose, pronghorn, bighorn sheep and mountain goat as well as game birds such as spotted, blue and ruffled grouse and wild turkey.

Enzi has been an avid angler since elementary school. In 4th grade, Enzi invented a fly for fishing, trying to imitate a ginger quill – it didn’t quite come out like he intended, but still catches lots of fish. According to Enzi, there are few joys that can compete with the joy of representing the great state of Wyoming, family and fishing are two.

“It’s always best to fish with a friend – or if you’re lucky – your grandchild so you can experience fishing for the first time all over again through a young child’s eyes,” said Enzi. “Also, in case there are any disputes, you have a witness who can attest to the truth of Grampa’s latest fish story. A grandchild is a lot better than a camera and lot easier to convince.”

Enzi has supported several bills to help protect and advance hunting, angling, and the many other activities that America’s sportsmen have embraced. Some of his sponsored bills include the Powell Shooting Range Land Conveyance Act, Knife Owners Protection Act, Sage Grouse Conservation and Protection Act. Sen. Enzi is also a cosponsor of the Recreational Fishing and Hunting Heritage  and Opportunities Act, designed to facilitate the use of and access to hunting, angling, and recreational shooting. Enzi has also introduced amendments to allow bows and archery equipment to be transported through national parks, allowing bow hunters to travel across national parks to get to the land they intend to hunt on.

VIDEO: Senator Enzi discusses legislation to extend protections of knife and bow users

Senator Mike Enzi

Senator Enzi showing off his catch in Wyoming

Senator Mike Enzi

Senator Enzi after a successful hunting trip in Wyoming

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