Poll Question

Sportsmen and women have been on the receiving end of increased attention from the non-hunting public, criticizing the traditional “grip and grin” photos on various social media platforms. As a sportsman or sportswoman, what strategies have you utilized to address this negative feedback?

  • I don’t post “grip and grin” photos for that reason (35.48%)
  • My social media is private to avoid unwanted comments (19.35%)
  • I engage the individual in the comment section or in direct messages (3.23%)
  • I post more “grip and grin” photos to prove a point (3.23%)
  • When posting hunting or fishing photos I tell a narrative that focuses on aspects of hunting that the general public widely supports, such as the procurement of meat for family and friends (22.58%)
  • I don’t engage those individuals (16.13%)
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