Poll Question

What it your primary motivation to hunt? 

  • To acquire food (7.69%)
  • To spend time with friends and family in the outdoors (15.38%)
  • To acquire a trophy (2.20%)
  • To challenge yourself physically and/or mentally (4.40%)
  • None of the above (1.10%)
  • Several, or all of the above (69.23%)

Recently, two Montana state representatives have proposed more aggressive legislation addressing the state's gray wolf population. These bills range from the addition of a wolf tag into big game combination tags, to year-round sanctioned harvest without a license, use of snare traps, and private reimbursement of wolf harvest. Currently, the wolf population in Montana sits at 850 wolves, which is 700 over the state’s minimum recovery goal of 150 wolves. Which of the below options for wolf management do you support? (Select all that apply)

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