Representative Terry Baxter

Representative Terry Baxter

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Representative Terry Baxter was first elected to serve Iowa’s 8th District in 2014. Shortly after being sworn into office, he made a commitment to protect and promote the interests of Iowa’s sportsmen and women by joining the Iowa Legislative Sportsmen’s Caucus.

Growing up in a rural Minnesota community as an avid outdoorsman and sportsman, Representative Baxter developed a deep appreciation for natural resources and the sportsmen’s tradition. Today, he brings that passion for the sporting heritage with him to the state capitol, where he actively fights for the rights of sportsmen and women.

Representative Baxter is a member of the House Judiciary Committee. In 2015, the committee introduced HSB 201; a bill that would legalize the ownership and possession of firearm suppressors, creating a welcome advance in shooting technology for the modern sportsmen. Firearm suppressors are a valuable asset to recreational shooters and hunters alike as they reduce the sound signature of a gunshot, reduce recoil, and improve accuracy.

“Iowa holds a rich sporting heritage, with generations of families enjoying all that our state has to offer. It is important to continue those traditions and to protect and promote the rights of hunters, anglers, trappers and recreational shooters so that they may continue enjoying our state’s vast natural resources,” Representative Baxter said, expressing his enthusiasm to be an active member of Iowa’s Legislative Sportsmen’s Caucus. 

Spending nearly $799 million annually, Iowa’s 598,000 hunters and anglers are critically important to the state’s economy. The industries that support Iowa’s sportsmen and women create over 11,500 jobs; demonstrating the beneficial role that the conservation community plays in the local economy.

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Sportsmen and women have been on the receiving end of increased attention from the non-hunting public, criticizing the traditional “grip and grin” photos on various social media platforms. As a sportsman or sportswoman, what strategies have you utilized to address this negative feedback?

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