Senator Bruce Ennis

Senator Bruce Ennis

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Elected to the Delaware State Senate in 2007, Senator Bruce Ennis currently serves the state’s 14th District. Prior to serving in the State Senate, he served in the Delaware House of Representatives for 25 years after retiring from the Delaware State Police Department.  In 2015, Sen. Ennis joined together with his fellow legislators in forming the bipartisan Delaware Legislative Sportsmen’s Caucus, providing a voice for his constituents and the sportsmen and women across Delaware at the State Capitol in Dover.

With more than three decades in the Delaware State Legislature, Sen. Ennis has helped to promote and protect the state’s rich outdoor sporting heritage, sponsoring and supporting pro-sportsmen’s legislation. In the 2015 legislative session, Sen. Ennis cosponsored H 153, which allows for the use of certain hunting, trapping, and fishing license and vessel registration information by the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control or selected contractors signing a contractor confidentiality agreement for the purposes of retention or recruitment of hunters, trappers, anglers, or boaters and sustaining and increasing associated license and registration sales. The funds procured through the sale of licensing and registration fees are the primary revenue streams for wildlife and fish species research and management, habitat conservation and management, hunter and angler public access, public boating access facility construction and maintenance, and boating safety compliance and education.

In Delaware, the sportsmen’s community plays a major role in the state’s economy and conservation efforts. Annually, the 177,000 hunters and angler who call Delaware home spend upwards of $150 million, supporting more than 1,800 jobs statewide.

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Sportsmen and women have been on the receiving end of increased attention from the non-hunting public, criticizing the traditional “grip and grin” photos on various social media platforms. As a sportsman or sportswoman, what strategies have you utilized to address this negative feedback?

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