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With 90% of the natural landscape covered by forests, The Pine Tree State offers vast expanses of natural resources and beautiful countryside. Formerly a part of the Massachusetts colony, Maine has a rich history that includes the Wabanaki people and its admission into statehood in 1820. Maine is home to a vast variety of sportsmen’s …

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New Hampshire

The Granite State offers an abundance of natural resources and with 85% of its area forested, a variety of sporting pursuits. Home to the native Abenaki tribes and founded by European settlers in 1623, New Hampshire’s history runs deep through the roots of the United States. With an array of natural beauty and a diverse …

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Vermont is home to the Green Mountain range, an iconic formation that provides not only hunting and angling opportunities, but also numerous outdoor recreation pursuits. With 78% of its area covered in forests and the iconic Lake Champlain, Vermont offers phenomenal sporting activities and natural beauty. Becoming the 14th state in the Union in 1791, …

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From the western Berkshire Hills, the Connecticut River valley, and the Atlantic Ocean, the Bay State has a diverse array of sporting opportunities in addition to numerous natural resources. As one of the states most steeped in history, Massachusetts’ legacy includes the Wampanoag tribes, the Plymouth colony, and the Revolutionary War. Marked by the Taconic …

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Rhode Island

Despite being the smallest state in the Union, the Ocean State has a lot to offer, from its 400 miles of Atlantic coastline to its high concentration of forested land. Between the founding of Providence in 1635, to the ratification of the Constitution in 1776, Rhode Island has served a vital role in our nation’s …

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The Constitution State is home to a variety of natural resources and a surprising amount of pursuits for sportsmen and women. With an extremely diverse landscape spanning from the coastline along the Long Island sound, to the rolling hills in the north and west, Connecticut provides an abundance of chances to explore the outdoors and …

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New York

The Empire State provides some of the most beautiful forests that the United States has to offer in addition to numerous waterways, including two of the Great Lakes. With about 61% of New York’s land area covered in forests, The Empire State is widely considered a haven in the sportsmen’s community with a plethora of …

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New Jersey

The Garden State is renowned for beautiful oceanfront beaches, world-class offshore fishing, and a variety of opportunities for sportsmen and women. Originally inhabited by the Delaware tribe and later one of the original settlements in the 1660s, New Jersey has been at the forefront of American history and is currently ushering in a new era …

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Delaware is home to a beautiful oceanfront coastline, mineral-rich soil, and numerous waterways. The First State has a vibrant and authentic history, spanning the entirety of America’s existence. With about 68,000 acres of public land, Delaware offers a plethora of sportsmen’s activities and water sports options. In addition to big game animals of white-tailed deer …

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With one of the most unique and versatile natural landscapes in the United States of America, the Old Line State offers a large variety of opportunities for avid sportsmen and women. Explored by John Smith in 1608, Maryland has been at the forefront of American history, including Revolutionary and Civil War battlegrounds, and the progression …

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