Connecticut: Caucus Game-Meat Tasting Reception Highlights Sportsmen’s Contributions

By Joe Mullin, New England States Coordinator

On April 2, the bipartisan and bicameral Connecticut Legislative Sportsmen’s Caucus gathered in Hartford for a game meat tasting reception. The event highlighted the important role that hunters play as food providers – both for their families and the community through game meat donation programs.

The game meat was provided by Caucus members, in-state sporting clubs, and numerous fish and wildlife conservation organizations. Those in attendance also included state legislators and their staff members, the Department of Energy & Environmental Protection, the Governor’s staff, and Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation’s (CSF) Brent Miller and Joe Mullin.

The reception served as an opportunity for those who are unfamiliar with the taste of wild game to experience many different recipes, while also learning about the historic role that sportsmen and women have held as the primary source of state-level conservation funding through the American System of Conservation Funding (ASCF). For those who already recognize this funding mechanism and are aware of Connecticut’s sportsmen and women’s contributions, this reception served as an opportunity to learn about the many in-state hunting organizations and to meet with new and old acquaintances in the field of conservation.

CSF is proud to have taken part in the Connecticut Legislative Sportsmen’s Caucus’s reception and appreciates the opportunity to recognize the state’s sportsmen and women. Their pursuits serve as the financial backbone for in-state conservation efforts.

Left to right: Caucus Co-Chair Rep. Wilson and Caucus Member Rep. Dauphinais

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