New York: Hunting Under the Influence and Recreational Angling Bills Enacted

Contact: Brent Miller, Senior Director, Northeastern States

On October 23, the Governor of New York signed two bills into law which impact sportsmen and women in the Empire State.

The first, Assembly Bill 3471 (AB 3471), decreases the amount of alcohol in a person’s system necessary for them to be considered intoxicated while hunting. Previously, the limit was set at a blood alcohol level of 0.10%, and AB 3471 reduced the level to 0.08% which is consistent with the framework that is used for driving under the influence in the state.

Assembly Bill 8140 (AB 8140) was signed into law which extends the provisions of law allowing recreational anglers to fish with three lines in the water while in freshwater through 2021. AB 8140 was sponsored and championed by Assembly Member Carrie Woerner, an active member of the bipartisan and bicameral New York Legislative Sportsmen’s Caucus.

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