Pennsylvania: Wins for Sportsmen and Women; Conservation; and Pennsylvania At-Large at Board of Game Commissioners Meeting

Contact: Brent Miller, Senior Director, Northeastern States

On July 23, the Pennsylvania Board of Game Commissioners voted on several matters of interest to Pennsylvania’s sportsmen and women.

Notably, the Board unanimously improved a measure to significantly increase their support for Pennsylvania based Hunters Sharing the Harvest (HSH), a non-profit organization that secures and processes game meat donations and provides them to food banks throughout the state. For several years the Board provided $20,000 in support to the organization to assist with processing costs and other expenses, but they increased it to $55,000 this year to help out with rising costs. In 2018, HSH set a record by processing and distributing more than 150,000 pounds of venison.

Some of the additional items that were considered and approved at the recent meeting include:

  • Authorizing the use of the 6.5mm Creedmoor round for elk hunting;
  • Providing additional guidance to Pennsylvania’s trappers on the types of locks that can be used on snares;
  • Strengthening requirements that public hunting be used in managing localized issues with deer overabundance prior to cull permits being issued; and
  • Adding more than 200 acres of publicly accessible lands to the State Game Lands system.

The Board also adopted a resolution in support of the Recovering America’s Wildlife Act (RAWA), which has recently been introduced in Congress.

For additional details on the meeting and the language of the RAWA resolution please visit the Pennsylvania Game Commission’s website.

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