Vermont: Fish and Wildlife Department to Host Informational Meeting on Coyotes

Contact: Brent Miller, Senior Director, Northeastern States

Similar to other state-led efforts in New England, Vermont’s Fish and Wildlife Department will be hosting an informational meeting on December 17 regarding eastern coyotes. Coyotes have captured the headlines in New England for the past few years - ranging from human-coyote conflicts, coyote hunting tournament bans, and usurping the wildlife management abilities of fish and game departments through legislatively restricting coyote hunting seasons.

Several years ago, the Vermont legislature banned the practice of coyote hunting tournaments, though there are presently no closed seasons for coyotes and they can be taken year-round. Through this meeting, the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department plans to host a discussion to educate residents on how to hopefully avoid unwanted and potentially dangerous run-ins with these predators. The meeting will be led by a Departmental Wildlife Ecologist and a leader for the Department’s Furbearer Project.

The Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation is supportive of continued efforts to educate the public on effective management methods of predator species and the role of hunting in the management matrix.

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