March 6, 2023

Brandon Maddox

Brandon Maddox founded Silencer Central in 2005, where he is currently CEO.  Silencer Central, headquartered in Sioux Falls, SD, is the largest firearms silencer dealer in America with locations in the forty-two states where silencers are lawful.

After attending undergraduate and pharmacy school at the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill, Brandon obtained and maintains his pharmacy licensure in North Carolina, Florida, and South Dakota.  After pharmacy school, Brandon entered the pharmaceutical industry with Glaxo based in Research Triangle Park, NC.  Maddox’s career rapidly progressed through sales, sales training management, marketing management, and sales management.  He completed his MBA at Duke University.  Brandon is married to a fellow pharmacist from South Dakota, and they have two girls in high school.

Silencer Central started as a hobby job to help Brandon obtain easier access to suppressors for hunting the grasslands of the Dakotas.  He quickly realized the process to acquire a suppressor was laborious, which, in his mind, explained why so few hunters were purchasing silencers… because of the difficult government process.  He made a career out of streamlining and simplifying the process to buy a silencer, mostly by working directly with regulators to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the federal, state, and local compliance requirements.

Brandon has and continues to be active in legislative issues impacting his business and customers.  He founded the South Dakota Firearms Industry Association and has testified at numerous state congressional hearings on firearms related issues.  Maddox is honored and excited to be able to further his commitment to preserving the future of America’s Sportsman.

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