August 17, 2017

A Compelling Tenure: Privileges as a CSF Policy Fellow

By Emily George, Policy Fellow, Congressional Sportsmen's Foundation

As I progress in my profession, I am realizing that renowned knowledge involves things outside of the classroom or frequently visited campus library. It involves experiences, relationships, and a passion for the field that impels our aspirations. All of these contribute to the greater understanding of our interests. For me, expanding my knowledge into the realm of policy that is focused on the endless concerns of our nation’s sportsmen and outdoor enthusiasts was an intriguing opportunity that I was fortunate to encounter. 

My experience as a Brad Rowse Policy Fellow was among the greatest adventure of my blooming career. The experiences, relationships developed, and the heightened enthusiasm for the outdoors was an overwhelming combination during my tenure as a policy intern. My new understanding of how sportsmen’s issues are dealt with and the mass of effort made by the Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation (CSF) is significant. I now realize the great deal of passion that must be present for sportsmen’s-related policy issues to be brought to the attention of our nation’s leaders, and how this ultimately leads to success of their concerns. The dedication behind these sportsmen-related issues that CSF seeks to accomplish is incomparable. The Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation is the sole envoy of our liberties as hunters, anglers, and outdoor recreationalists. 

As an intern, I connected with leaders of the community that I never imagined personally crossing paths with. I was invited to visit my Congressman, Rob Wittman of Virginia, also an avid hunter and angler, in his office on The Hill, commonly known as the “Fish Bowl.” Through CSF, I was bridged to a relationship with an individual that has long had my support and admiration for what he stands for in my community. In addition, the esteemed events that CSF hosted in Washington, D.C. this summer enabled me to meet a number of other outdoor and political icons and has provided me with connections that I never deemed possible.

Working on behalf of the sportsmen’s community at the roots of where our heritage continues to thrive changed my perspective of simply pursuing my favorite outdoor endeavors. I have developed a deeper appreciation and understanding for what protecting our traditions entails. I strongly encourage anyone passionate about protecting the passions of our ancestors to engage in the work that accomplishes this through the Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation. CSF works faithfully to defend our rights that are at peril every day. 

It was an honor to engage in the sportsmen’s community at the core of where our strongest desires are fulfilled to suit our lifestyles as the outdoor conservationists of America. From researching issues that concern hunters and anglers nationwide, to participating in the annual shoot-out and listening to our leaders speak at briefings on The Hill, my experience at CSF cannot be surpassed. It was an honor to know that I was a part of such a prestigious organization, aiding in the responsibilities that empower sportsmen’s priorities to flourish.  


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