Policy Advisor - Chair for CSF of the Hunting and Shooting Sports Roundtable
January 19, 2023

Susan Recce

Susan Recce joined CSF in June of 2021 as a Policy Advisor.  She also serves as Chair for CSF of the Hunting and Shooting Sports Roundtable that was created by the Federal Lands Hunting, Fishing and Shooting Sports Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).  Susan brings many years of government and private sector experience to CSF in the fields of wildlife conservation, hunting, recreational shooting on federal lands, and firearms ownership.  She began her career as a legislative assistant on Capitol Hill followed by several years as a federal lobbyist for the National Rifle Association before serving as a political appointee for 11 years in the Department of the Interior.  In the Reagan Administration she served as a Deputy Assistant Secretary for Fish and Wildlife and Parks and as the Deputy Director for External Affairs with the Bureau of Land Management in the George H. W. Bush Administration. Before retiring in 2020, Susan was the Director of Wildlife, Conservation and Natural Resources for the National Rifle Association. In those early years, she worked with the US Forest Service to create the MOU and served as Chair of the Roundtable for 20 years before CSF assumed the Chair.

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