December 30, 2022

Scott Bounds

Elected in 2003, Representative Scott Bounds currently serves the 44th District in the Mississippi House of Representatives. Representative Bounds joined the Mississippi Legislative Sportsmen’s Caucus in 2005 as a charter member. Representative Bounds served as Chairman of the House of Representatives Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks Committee from 2012-2020. During that time, he worked to strengthen the Mississippi Legislature’s relationship with the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks, NGO’s and other conservation partners across Mississippi.  He now serves as the House Chairman of the Public Utilities Committee but remains deeply involved with the appropriations process of conservation units in the House of Representatives.

Representative Bounds was born, raised and continues to make his home in Philadelphia, Mississippi. Located in the heart of Mississippi, the area is home to some of the best hunting and fishing opportunities in the state. To ensure that places like these are protected for future generations, Representative Bounds in 2014 spearheaded and co-sponsored HCR 30, a constitutional amendment that added the Right to Hunt and Fish to Mississippi’s Constitution and was passed by Mississippi voters with an 87% affirmative vote. He contributes the successful passage of the amendment to the work of his colleagues in the Mississippi Legislative Sportsmen’s Caucus, the largest bipartisan and bicameral caucus in the Mississippi Legislature, sporting over 100 members of the Mississippi Legislature.

“Hunting and fishing is a necessary tool to properly manage wildlife populations.  We want, in perpetuity, people to have this right to hunt and fish in the state of Mississippi.  As Co-Chair of the Mississippi Legislative Sportsmen’s Caucus and an Executive Council member of the National Association of Sportsmen’s Caucuses, I will continue to act as a proponent for pro-sportsman legislation that enhances the lives and economy of Mississippi.”

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