April 25, 2024

CSC Co-Chair Bruce Westerman | America’s Wildlife Habitat Conservation Act

Fred is joined by CSF Director, Federal Relations Taylor Schmitz as the pair catches up with the Co-Chair of the Congressional Sportsmen’s Caucus, House Natural Resources Committee Chairman Bruce Westerman to discuss the America’s Wildlife Habitat Conservation Act, which recently passed the House Natural Resources Committee. Fred, Taylor and Chairman Westerman discuss sportsmen’s issues and the importance of habitat management. The Chairman highlights the need for better management of public lands and the role of private landowners in wildlife conservation. Chairman Westerman also addresses the challenges of the Endangered Species Act and the struggles we see there, and the need for modernization. The conversation concludes with a discussion on the frustrations of getting bipartisan bills passed and the importance of working together for the benefit of sportsmen and women.


  1. Habitat management is crucial for wildlife conservation and the health of ecosystems.
  2. Public lands need better management, and private landowners play a vital role in wildlife habitat improvement.
  3. The Endangered Species Act needs modernization to focus on habitat recovery and provide flexibility for landowners.
  4. Bipartisan cooperation is essential for passing legislation that benefits sportsmen and women.
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