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Electronic Duck Stamps

Summary Similar to hunting and fishing licenses, many states now allow hunters to purchase Duck Stamps electronically. However, policies regarding the issuance of these stamps varies from state to state, and even in many states where the electronic sale of Duck Stamps is authorized it is still required that hunters print out and retain a …

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Farm Bill

Summary The 2018 Farm Bill became law in December 2018 after being signed by President Donald Trump. This bill contains a strong Conservation Title that benefits fish and wildlife conservation as well as sportsmen’s access. Introduction Every five years, Congress passes a bundle of legislation that sets national agriculture, nutrition, forestry, and conservation policy, commonly …

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Federal Land Habitat Management

Summary Properly managed wildlife habitat is essential for supporting sustainable and healthy wildlife populations. Well-managed lands containvarious successional stages that provide a diversity of habitats capable of supporting a diversity of wildlife. On federal lands, however, young forests and other early seral habitats are often underrepresented. The most efficient method to improve wildlife habitat is …

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Gulf of Mexico Red Snapper Management

Summary Red snapper in the Gulf of Mexico is a prime example of how a management scheme designed for one sector (commercial) ultimately penalized the other (recreational). Despite the healthiest population of Gulf red snapper in recorded history, recreational anglers recently faced decreasing season lengths until 2017. Fortunately, the Gulf Council passed Amendment 50 to …

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Hunting and Fishing License E-Commerce

Summary Sportsmen and women are increasingly utilizing online options to purchase hunting and fishing licenses. Ensuring that state fish and wildlife agency websites are updated to include mobile friendly formatting and platforms as well as customer information retention tools are critical to facilitating a positive consumer experience and encouraging future sales to new and returning …

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Increased Penalties for Poaching and Incentivizing the Reporting of Fish and Wildlife Violations

Summary Poaching stands as one of the greatest threats to both the social acceptance of hunting and professional wildlife management. By definition, poaching runs afoul of laws governing the harvesting of wildlife, thus upending the scientifically-developed regulations put in place by state wildlife managers. Further, anti-hunting communities have aimed to equate poaching with hunting in …

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Interstate Wildlife Violators Compact

Summary With the increased sophistication of poachers and other wildlife violators, there is a need for increased levels of coordination and information sharing on these individuals between state fish and wildlife agencies. The Interstate Wildlife Violators Compact (IWVC) creates the mechanism allowing for this coordination. The availability of this information helps stop poachers and other …

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Invasive Species

Summary Exotic invasive species are plants, animals, or pathogens that are non-native to the U.S., or regions of the U.S., and that harm, or are likely to harm, the economy, natural resources or human health. Addressing exotic invasive species requires significant coordination and joint actions between federal and state agencies, local governments, and private organizations. …

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Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act

Summary The Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act (MSA) is the principal law governing marine fisheries management in the federal waters of the United States. The MSA was reauthorized in 2007 with legal requirements to end overfishing by 2011 and establish annual catch limits (ACLs) and accountability measures (AM’s) on every fishery managed by NOAA …

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