Hawaii boasts stunning landscapes and a diverse range of species that make it a unique destination for outdoor enthusiasts. From the lush forests and waterfalls of Kauai to the volcanic peaks of the Big Island, Hawaii’s natural beauty is unparalleled. In the surrounding waters, anglers can target a variety of species such as marlin, tuna, mahi-mahi, and ono (wahoo). While hunting opportunities are limited, the islands are home to a variety of game animals such as wild boar and feral goats, which can be hunted on private land with the proper permits.

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Reports and Data

Jan 01 2022 Hawaii: American System of Conservation Funding Fact Sheet

Hawaii: American System of Conservation Funding Fact Sheet

Jan 01 2013 2013 Sportsmen's Economic Impact Report - Hawaii

2013 Sportsmen’s Economic Impact Report - Hawaii

Jan 01 2007 2006 Economic Impact Report — Hawaii

Annual spending by Hawaii sportsmen and women is more than the cash receipts for...

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