Rhode Island

Despite being the smallest state in the Union, the Ocean State has a lot to offer, from its 400 miles of Atlantic coastline to its high concentration of forested land. Between the founding of Providence in 1635, to the ratification of the Constitution in 1776, Rhode Island has served a vital role in our nation’s history. From the coastal lowland in the south and east and rolling hills from New England’s upland in the west, the activities available to sportsmen are immense. Species that are typically found in the Ocean State include whitetail deer, wild turkeys, and various types of waterfowl.

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Rhode Island State Caucus Fact Sheet

Rhode Island Legislative Sportsmen’s Caucus Leadership

Senator Frank Lombardo
Senator Gordon Rogers

News Alerts

Jul 15 2024 New Opportunities for Ocean State Turkey Hunters

Why It Matters: Earlier this year, Rhode Island Legislative Sportsmen’s Caucus Co-Chair, Sen. Gordon...

Feb 27 2023 Proposed New England Trapping Restrictions

Why It Matters: Trapping is unique in that it can be used for predator...

Oct 03 2022 Pheasant Season Opening in Several Northeastern States – How Non-Native Species Can Benefit Ecosystems and the Economy

Why It Matters: State fish and wildlife agencies are instrumental in setting the frameworks...

Nov 16 2020 Stocked Waters in Rhode Island Offer a Great Opportunity for Anglers This Fall

Contact: Joe Mullin, New England States Senior CoordinatorIn conjunction with the firearms deer hunting...

Aug 10 2020 USFWS Revises Rhode Island National Wildlife Refuge Complex Hunting and Fishing Plan

Contact: Joe Mullin, New England States Senior CoordinatorRhode Island’s sporting community may have additional...

Jun 08 2020 Rhode Island: CSF Submits Letter of Support for Expanded Hunting and Fishing Opportunities on NWR Complex

Contact: Joe Mullin, New England States Senior CoordinatorOn June 8, the Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation...

Apr 29 2019 Rhode Island Becomes 49th State to Join the National Assembly of Sportsmen’s Caucuses

The Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation (CSF) announced the addition of the bipartisan Rhode Island Legislative...

Latest policy updates

Many sportsmen and women depend on federal lands managed by agencies such...

Properly managed wildlife habitat is essential for supporting sustainable and healthy wildlife...

Though hunting, fishing, and harvesting wildlife (including by trapping) have long been...

The vast majority of states throughout the nation offer an online component...

Many state legislatures have enacted legislation to afford senior citizens, veterans, and...

Reports and Data

Jan 01 2022 Rhode Island: American System of Conservation Funding Fact Sheet

Rhode Island: American System of Conservation Funding Fact Sheet

Jan 01 2013 2013 Sportsmen's Economic Impact Report - Rhode Island

2013 Sportsmen’s Economic Impact Report - Rhode Island

Jan 01 2007 2006 Economic Impact Report — Rhode Island

Annual spending by Rhode Island sportsmen and women is more than the revenues of...

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