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Game Meat Donation Programs

Summary Instead of discarding or wasting legally harvested game meat or surpluses of meat harvested through nuisance or crop damage licenses, donation programs have developed across the country with the objective of turning the meat into meals for those in need. Many hunters who wish to donate individual animals they harvest through regulated hunting participate …

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Handgun Carry While Archery Hunting

Summary A number of states restrict the ability of archers to carry a handgun while archery hunting. However, this puts the personal safety of archers at risk through limiting their constitutional right to bear arms. While afield, bow hunters are vulnerable to attacks by large predators as well as criminals engaged in drug trafficking and …

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Knife Ban Repeal

Summary Knife industry and advocacy groups have successfully worked with the U.S. Congress to amend the Federal Switchblade Act so that one-hand opening and assisted-opening knives with a “bias toward closure,” like those used for hunting, are not classified as switchblades. Passing laws at the state level that are similar to the federal exemption to …

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Protecting Personal Information on Hunting and Fishing Licenses from Public Records Requests

Summary More than half of the states in this nation do not protect the personal information that sportsmen and women are required to provide when purchasing hunting and fishing licenses. Some of these states require the information to be readily accessible to the public, while others mandate individuals to complete a request for public information …

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Fishing in Schools

Summary Recreational fishing is widely accepted as a wholesome and non-controversial lifetime outdoor activity with numerous positive benefits. By sanctioning angling as a recognized sport, athletic associations and schools provide opportunities for students and families who might not otherwise participate in school-sponsored extracurricular activities. Introduction Due to its wholesome and non-controversial nature, recreational fishing is …

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