May 6, 2024

New Mexico Governor Calls for Special Session of the Legislature in July

Article Contact: Barry Snell,

Why It Matters: The 2024 Regular Session of the New Mexico Legislature closed with a whimper as the large anti-gun and anti-sportsmen agenda mostly failed. Of the dozen or so anti bills that were proposed, only two made it through to the Governor, who has repeatedly made it clear that anti-gun policies are among her top priorities. Therefore, any talk about a special session, especially in the wake of a failed agenda, is cause for immediate concern from New Mexico’s sportsmen and women.


  • The 2024 Regular Session of the New Mexico Legislature went sine die on February 15, 2024.
  • Recently, Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham called for a special session to convene, beginning July 18, 2024.
  • The Governor is calling this a session to focus on “public safety,” including at least one issue pertaining to firearms.
  • The session is expected to last 3 days.

New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham recently announced that she was summoning a special session of the Legislature on July 18 to focus on what her press release termed “public safety protections.” While the Governor’s press release did not specify what those protections should be, she did later tell local media in a statement that she intends to focus on three main issues: panhandling with respect to pedestrian safety on roads and public spaces, allowing the courts to intervene for those who need substance abuse or mental health help, and enhanced penalties for felons in possession of guns.

New Mexico alternates from year-to-year between 30-day sessions and 60-day sessions, with the 30-day session intended to be limited to budgetary concerns, and the 60-day session to be used for public policy. This upcoming special session is expected to last approximately three days. Since assuming office in 2019, Governor Lujan Grisham has called four other special sessions, and made it known as early as February of this year that she intended to convene one later this year, making this action a routine feature of her Administration.

While any of the many failed anti-gun and anti-sportsmen bills could certainly resurface, New Mexico Senate Majority Leader Peter Wirth said that all parties involved have agreed that any consideration of additional gun legislation will be held off until next year’s regular 60-day session. A great deal of gun legislation was submitted in this year’s session, but only two bills made it to the Governor’s desk: a 7-day waiting period on all firearms purchases, and a prohibition of firearms in polling places. The failed bills include an assault weapons ban, magazine capacity restrictions, allowing the Attorney General to bring nuisance lawsuits against firearms manufacturers and retailers, the prohibition of firearms possession by adults aged 18-20, and an added individual level 11% excise tax on all firearms and ammo purchases, among others. The Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation (CSF) was on the ground in New Mexico actively opposing these bills earlier in the year at the Capitol alongside our partner organizations.

CSF will be engaged as this special session convenes and will update you as new information comes to light.

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