December 30, 2022

Jerry Moran

U.S. Senator Jerry Moran was raised in a rural community in Northwest Kansas where from an early age he was taught the value of a hard day’s work, to look after one’s neighbors, and to serve his community. He is a leading advocate in the U.S. Senate for protecting the special way of life in Kansas – including the state’s rich tradition of hunting and fishing.

Kansans enjoy fishing and hunting an array of fish and wildlife because of the state’s unique terrain and geography. From pheasant, quail, turkey, and deer to largemouth bass and crappie, Kansas offers a variety of hunting and fishing options for sportsmen and women. In fact, the state welcomes 527,000 hunters and anglers annually who create jobs for many Kansans.

Since joining the Senate, Senator Moran has also been a leading advocate for issues related to entrepreneurship, job creation and innovation. He understands the value hunting and angling add to our state’s economy – bringing in more than $629 million annually.

As Chairman of the Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Agriculture, Senator Moran believes there are ways to conserve native Kansas plants and animals, while not hampering economic growth and farming and ranching activities.

Additionally, Senator Moran is committed to protecting Second Amendment rights of sportsmen and women. While much needs to be done to prevent violent crime in our nation, more restrictions on responsible, law-abiding firearm owners are not the answer. Senator Moran will continue to support Second Amendment freedoms and oppose any legislation before Congress that violates gun rights.

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