December 30, 2022

Mike Petersen

Senator Mike Petersen represents Kansas’s 28th Senate District. He is a longstanding member of the Kansas State Senate, first elected in 2004. Senator Petersen joined the Kansas Legislative Sportsmen’s Caucus in 2008, and remains dedicated to protecting and advancing the rights of Kansas’s hunters and anglers as a Co-Chairman of the Caucus. The Senator serves on numerous committees, and represents his constituents as a strong proponent of the 2nd Amendment. A resident of Wichita, the Senator is a successful industrial electrician and passionate sportsmen.

In 2017, Senator Petersen introduced Senate Resolution 1745 along with his fellow Co-Chair Senator Rick Billinger. SR 1745 commemorated the 80th Anniversary of the American System of Conservation Funding. This resolution recognized the impact that Kansas sportsmen and women have on the state’s conservation funding. In 2017 alone, Kansas hunters, anglers, and recreational shooters contributed close to $45 million towards conservation in the state. Since the inception of this System, Kansas sportsmen and women have contributed about a billion dollars towards Kansas’s natural resources. This “user pays, public benefits” System supports the state’s diverse natural resources, helps to conserve fish and wildlife habitat, conserve soil and water resources, and enhance access to Kansas’s natural resources, benefitting all residents of the Sunflower State.

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