February 29, 2024

Do Anti-Hunters Belong On Fish And Game Boards?

TSV host Fred Bird is joined again by CSF’s Northwestern States Senior Coordinator Marie Neumiller to discuss the issue of non-hunters, and even anti-hunters seeking seats on Fish and Game Boards and Commissions. Together, they highlight the impact of these appointments on wildlife management, hunting heritage, and access, along with exploring the qualifications and changes in commission appointments, the challenges of non-hunting commissioners, the debate between conservation and preservation, as well as the lack of trust and accountability in the commission system. The team dives into the tensions and proposed legislation in Washington State, and the conversation concludes with the importance of sharing voices and taking action to bring about change. This conversation highlights the importance of sharing your voice and engaging in discussions about conservation and wildlife management. It emphasizes the need for education and understanding, as well as the role of hunters and anglers in funding and contributing to conservation efforts. Fred and Marie also address the misconceptions surrounding taxpayer funding and the consequences of preservationist ideals. It emphasizes the importance of staying engaged, voting, and working with legislators and commissions to protect the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation. The conversation concludes by highlighting the importance of education, storytelling, and involving the next generation in sportsmen and women’s policy.

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