March 14, 2024

Talking Trapping with the National Trappers Association AND Fur Takers of America!

TSV host Fred Bird is joined by John Daniel, President of the National Trappers Association, and Jason Wisniewski, President of Fur Takers of America, to talk about the history and necessity of fur trapping as a predator and furbearer control mechanism. From pheasants, turkeys and other ground nesting birds to the issue of predator control and ecosystem balance, they discuss the impact of legislation and fear-mongering on the industry, as well as the global market for fur products. They also explore the environmental impact of synthetic fur and the importance of balancing human population with wildlife management. Fred touches on the disconnect between the public and trappers with both organizations, as well as the positive effects of trapping on wildlife populations, particularly for turkey management. This conversation explores various aspects of trapping, including best management practices, regulation, trapping techniques and equipment, selective trapping, misconceptions about trapping, the laborious nature of trapping (it’s certainly not as easy as the anti-hunters claim!), trapping as a skill and the unprecedented increases in trapping education nationwide, the importance of trapping for conservation, misinformation and its effects on recent legislation, trapping for self-sufficiency, and the value of trapping education and events.

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