March 28, 2024

Kicking Off Turkey Season With National Wild Turkey Federation And 50 Years Of Conservation Success

TSV host Fred Bird is joined during the kickoff of the turkey hunting season by Doug Little and Jerry McCutchen of the National Wild Turkey Federation, along with NWTF CEO Jason Burckhalter. After winding down their 50th anniversary year, the boys talk through 50 years of conservation success in 2023. From wildfire prevention through sound forest habitat management, to predator management and beyond – the group tackles the NWTF’s and CSF’s shared message, mission and legacy – in NWTF’s own words – “to ensure robust wild turkey populations, while benefiting healthy forests, waterways, and communities, and championing the soul of the American hunting lifestyle.”

Fred Bird then transitions to interview Jason Burckhalter, co-CEO of NWTF, about the recent 50th anniversary celebration and the success of their convention. They discuss the growth of membership and the importance of having a strong voice in conservation. They also highlight the habitat management and research initiatives being undertaken by NWTF. The conversation concludes with a discussion on the importance of partnerships and how individuals can get involved with NWTF.

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