June 24, 2024

Knox Williams and Brandon Maddox || The Sportsmen’s Voice On Suppressors And Silencers

In the first half of this week’s feature on suppressors, silencers and sportsmen Fred catches up with Knox Williams of the American Suppressor Association (ASA). The two talk about recent victories in Vermont and the remaining states that do not allow hunting with suppressors. Knox highlights the misconceptions and misunderstandings surrounding suppressors and the need for education and advocacy. The conversation concludes with a discussion on the federal regulations and the potential for regulatory reform. Fred and Knox dive deep into the history of suppressors and the National Firearms Act, and the need for suppressor reform.

Next, Fred is joined by CSF board member and CEO of Silencer Central Brandon Maddox, and the two explore the potential $200 million windfall that redirecting federal suppressor ‘tax stamp’ revenue to conservation would bring to conservation. Maddox explains that currently, silencers are not taxed for conservation funding, unlike firearms and ammunition. The conversation also touches on the lack of awareness among the shooting community about the impact of their purchases on conservation funding. Maddox also talks about his involvement with the Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation (CSF) and the benefits of being on the board..


  • The American Suppressor Association (ASA) works to advance suppressor-friendly legislation and promote the benefits of suppressor use, such as hearing protection and reduced noise pollution.
  • A recent victory in Vermont removed the sunset on hunting with suppressors, while eight remaining states do not allow hunting with suppressors
  • Suppressors are classified as firearms and require a tax stamp and registration, which creates unnecessary barriers for law-abiding citizens.
  • The National Firearms Act was originally intended to ban guns, but due to constitutional limitations, it imposed a tax on firearms instead.
  • Live fire demonstrations are effective in showcasing the safety and benefits of suppressors, and the ASA is willing to host demonstrations for legislators and regulators.
  • House Resolution 6352 proposes redirecting 85% of the $200 tax on silencers to conservation funding, a potential $200 million windfall.
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