July 5, 2024

Shark Week Special: Exploring the SHARKED Act with CSF Senior Director of Fisheries Policy, Chris Horton and Martha Guyas

Welcome to a special Shark Week-themed episode of The Sportsmen’s Voice! In this exciting feature, host Fred Bird is joined by CSF Senior Director of Fisheries Policy Chris Horton and special guest Martha Guyas, of the American Sportfishing Association (ASA). Dive into an engaging discussion centered around the SHARKED Act, a pivotal bill addressing shark depredation issues in the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico waters.


  • SHARKED Act Overview: Learn about the SHARKED Act, a crucial legislative effort aimed at mitigating shark-human interactions and reducing shark depredation in the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico waters. The House bill on shark depredation has passed, but a Senate bill is needed for further progress.
  • Challenges in Shark Population Management: Understand the complexities of managing shark populations and the necessity for updated stock assessments and understanding regional differences in shark species.
  • Impact on Fisheries: Discover how shark depredation affects other fisheries and the broader implications for sportsmen and fishermen.
  • Proposed Solutions: Explore innovative solutions such as utilizing technology to deter sharks, implementing aggregate bag limits, and considering regional differences in shark species.
  • Expert Opinions: Hear from CSF’s Chris Horton, a leading expert in fisheries management, and ASA’s Martha Guyas as they share their perspectives on the SHARKED Act and its potential impact.
  • Sportsmen’s Perspective: Join Fred Bird in discussing the importance of fisheries conservation for sportsmen and fishermen, emphasizing sustainable fishing practices.
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