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Maine – Oppose: Proposed Bans on Rubber Lures (LD 42) and Nondegradable Hooks (LD 43)

Two bills, both of which would severely restrict the types of tackle eligible for use by Maine anglers, were heard in Committee last Tuesday, February 5. LD 42 would prohibit the use of all artificial lures made from rubber, while LD 43 would specify that all hooks “must be made of a material that degrades …

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Summary Over the last decade, many states have expanded opportunities for archery hunters wishing to use crossbows. Incorporating crossbow hunting opportunities into game management may increase hunter recruitment and retention, and crossbows can be valuable tool for controlling game populations, particularly in suburban and urban areas. Introduction Over the past decade, many states have eliminated …

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Discharge Distance Restrictions

Summary Defined as the distance from an occupied dwelling, public road, or city limits that is required to legally discharge a bow or firearm, legal discharge distances vary tremendously from state to state. Often enacted due to unfounded safety concerns, arbitrary and unnecessarily large discharge distances pose negatively impact hunter access in suburban and exurban …

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Summary “No-Net-Loss” of public lands has become increasingly important to ensure access to public lands and waterways for current and future generations of sportsmen and women. Sometimes referred to as “Hunting Heritage Protection Acts,” these policies limit the loss of access to hunting and fishing opportunity by establishing a minimum acreage of publicly- owned areas …

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