March 18, 2024

New Jersey Caucus Co-Chair Honored with Conservation Leadership Award

Article Contact: Kaleigh Leager,

Why It Matters: In the Garden State, successfully passing pro-sportsmen and women’s legislation is an uphill battle. New Jersey Senator and Legislative Sportsmen’s Caucus Co-Chair, Parker Space, continues to be a champion for sportsmen and women and because of his dedication, he was awarded with the New Jersey Outdoor Alliances (NJOA) Conservation Leadership Award.  NJOA presents this award to an individual annually “for outstanding stewardship and for being the voice of the sportsmen and sportswomen of New Jersey.”


  • The Annual NJOA Wild Game Dinner brings together legislators, industry professionals, and sportsmen and women to discuss policy that will impact sportsmen and women.
  • Senator Space has been a long-standing supporter and activist for pro-sportsmen and women’s related policy in the Garden State.
  • The Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation (CSF) was proud to support Senator Space during his active and instrumental role in the passage of key pro-sportsmen and women’s legislation such as an apprentice firearm and bow hunting licenses (2014-2015 Legislative Session, S573), authorizing the use of tracking dogs to recover deer while hunting (2016-2017 Legislative Session, S2400).
  • Most recently, during the 2022-2023 Legislative Session, Senator Space fought for the passage of A5495 which allows hunters to legally carry a concealed handgun while bow hunting, in conformance with the New Jersey law. CSF submitted a letter of support for its passage.

The following language was provided via press release courtesy of Sen. Park Space’s Office:

“I am deeply honored to receive this award,” said Space.  “My family and I have been supporting the rights of law-abiding sportsmen and sportswomen for decades while promoting the proper management of our outdoor spaces and wildlife.  I appreciate the hard work which the leadership and membership of the NJOA perform each and every day.  Their motto of ‘Preservation Through Conservation’ is not just a slogan but words they live by.”

The award is presented to an individual annually “for outstanding stewardship and for being the voice of the sportsmen and sportswomen of New Jersey.”

“I speak from the heart; this award is given to somebody who gives a commitment to our way of life, to the conservation of our natural resources, and the ability to enjoy them,” said John Rogalo, Vice President of the NJOA and Sussex County resident.  “I can’t thank Senator Space enough for dedicating a lifetime for this commitment and for representing our values in the legislature.”

Senator Space is widely seen as the conservative conscience of the legislature on outdoor issues.  He is a lifelong hunter and as owner of Space Farm Zoo and Museum in Wantage, has promoted sound wildlife polices through educational programs there.  As a legislator, he has volunteered to serve as the Senate Republican Co-Chairman of the New Jersey Angling, Hunting, and Conservation Caucus and in the Assembly, he served on the Assembly Agriculture Committee for a decade.  He was instrumental in seeing positive legislation being enacted such as the creation of apprentice firearm and bow and arrow hunting licenses; the creation and expansion of the “Fishing Buddy License”, authorizing the use of a tracking dog to search and recover wild deer during hunting season; and allowing hunters to legally carry a concealed handgun in conformance with New Jersey law.

In addition, Senator Space has been at the forefront of protecting the interests of sportsmen during legislative fights over the bear hunt and attacks on the Fish and Game Council as well as opposing the redesignation of the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area.  He also vehemently opposed the attempt to indefinitely close state lands such as parks, forests, and wildlife management areas, shooting ranges, and prevent firearm sales during the early days of the pandemic and opposed all new gun control laws enacted since he has been in office.”

CSF congratulates Senator Space and looks forward to continuing to work with the Senator and the New Jersey Legislative Sportsmen’s Caucus on legislation that protects and promotes pro-sportsmen and women’s legislation in the Garden State.

Pictured Left to Right:  Captain Pete Grimbilas, an Advisor to New Jersey Outdoor Alliance (NJOA); Senator Parker Space; Assemblywoman Dawn Fantasia; and John Rogalo, Vice President of the NJOA.

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