March 20, 2023

Troublesome Bills Could Impact Sporting Dog Owners in Florida

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Article Contact: Mark Lance,

Why It Matters: Do you have a canine sidekick that accompanies you during your outdoor pursuits? Whether it be a duck dog, deer dog, or a pack of rabbit chasing beagles, if you are a sportsman or woman in Florida that owns an intact female dog over the age of 6 months, then you should pay attention to SB 1492 and HB 1581, as these bills could require you to register with the state as a “breeder.” Here at the Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation (CSF), we are actively working with conservation partners in the Sunshine State to oppose this harmful legislation.


  • Hunting with dogs is a time-honored tradition that millions of sportsmen and women across the country enjoy.
  • SB 1492 and HB 1581 define a “breeding female dog” as any dog that has not been spayed and is more than 6 months of age, and they define any location in which an individual owns at least one “breeding female dog” as a “dog breeding facility.”
  • If an individual owns a dog that meets this definition, then they are subject to register as a breeder, pay unnecessary fees, and be subject to inspection.

While there is an exception for “private dog owners” that allows for one litter of puppies for “personal benefit,” the owner must prove that there was no intent to breed a dog and sell the litter. Additionally, if the dog in question has two litters in a year then the owner is required to register as a breeder no matter the situation.

Placing these unnecessary burdens on responsible dog owners disincentivizes these individuals from keeping dogs and would discourage prospective owners from obtaining a canine companion. Dogs are incredibly useful in hunting activities such as running, flushing, and retrieving game, and many individuals utilize dogs to track and recover wounded game.

Subjecting sportsmen and women to commercial dog breeding facility requirements threatens the sporting heritage of many Floridians. These sportsmen and women generated over $70 million for conservation funding through the American System of Conservation Funding in 2021 alone. They also support more than 99,880 jobs and contribute more than $10 billion to the state’s economy while engaged in their pursuits.

Dogs are incredibly important to our shared sporting heritage, and the Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation will continue to work with our conservation partners to oppose these troublesome bills and protect the time-honored traditions of sportsmen and women across the Sunshine State.

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